Maximize your business capacity utilization with flexible planning of people and machines.

What is GOMAN?

GOMAN offers capacity planning solutions in manufacturing companies. It allows you to plan company resources and adapt them to a dynamic environment. Help the company adapt quickly to a change thanks to flexible planning of people and machines with GOMAN software solution.

Capacity planning

Design your own capacity plan of people and machines for each order and production process operation.


Simple usability and clarity


Possibility of modification depending on changes


Planning an unlimited number of options


Integration with internal systems


Internal and external information sharing


Real-time information during the production process

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Human resources

Achieve effective human resources planning with respect to production requirements. Create workshifts or categories, all in a simple web interface.

  • Work changes
  • Categories

Machine capacity

Utilize machine capacities and schedule production to maintain process continuity. Thanks to capacity planning, you will ensure optimal machines utilization and production efficiency with respect to time and costs minimization.

  • Optimal machines utilization
  • Production efficiency
Machine capacity

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We will show you a demonstration of the system with sample data.

Frequently asked Questions

What is GOMAN?

GOMAN is a software solution for company resource planning. Provides a tool for optimizing people and machines in production.

How can I start using GOMAN?

Request for demo version by entering your email address or using the contact information provided here.

Is it possible to integrate GOMAN with other systems?

Yes, GOMAN supports integration with ERP systems, attendance systems and other types of enterprise systems.

Is it possible to adapt GOMAN specifically to our company?

Yes, GOMAN is ready for customization thanks to the administration module that you will have at your disposal. You have full control over the entire customization. Of course, we will be happy to help you customize the application.

What types of approaches does GOMAN provide?

GOMAN can be used as a tool for creating and modifying plans, as a viewer of information about business processes and as an administrator who adapts the application to user requirements.

Licensing models


  • Free trial

It allows you to test the functionality of the product on demonstrations, the ability to create your own plan or import existing data. Check the functionality of the system on three production plans.


  • Fully functional Online version

It enables the full use of the GOMAN solution through the online version operated on the software provider's servers.


  • Fully functional Online version.

Fully functional On-Site version

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